Mourinho: “I don’t like talking about the past”

By Football Italia staff
“We have to win, we have to do it. We have to show the best game we can.”
This is the exact same line Jose Mourinho has given to the team for the last couple of seasons.
The Portuguese has long been known for his stubbornness, and the fact that the team has not won the Champions League for a long time is a clear proof of that.
However, this time the team is not going to be so stubborn, because the Portuguese has already given the team a new lease of life.
‘We’ve got a new coach, and we’ll see what he can do.

The team has been very active in the transfer market, and it’s obvious that the players are happy with the new coach.
In the summer, the team bought:
* Gervinho;
* Simeone;

* De Jong;

* Milinkovic-Savić.
This summer, Mourinho also bought:
* Kepi;
* Simeon;

* Alves;

* Di Maria;
Of course, it’s not the only transfer that the club has made, but it‘s enough to mention them.
It’s clear that the Portuguese is confident in the team, and he doesn’t like to talk about the team’ history.
He prefers to focus on the future, and that’d be the ChampionsLeague.
Despite the fact the team hasn’ t won the last two Champions Leagues, the Portuguese still believes in the club.
If the team can win the Champions, then it”s clear that Mourinho is not the right man for the job.
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Upcoming matches
The upcoming matches of the Mourinho’ squad are quite interesting.
After the victory in the first match of the Champions league, the players will have to play against the team of Cristiano Ronaldo.
Then, the club will have a chance to get into the next round of the tournament.
That’ s why the club is so confident, because it“s not just the victory, but also the fact they”ve already won the first round.
Moreover, the fans are expecting a lot from the team.
They“ll see the results on the sports statistics website.
Live results
The club is one of the main favorites of the upcoming matches, because of the following reasons:
1. The team is a good team. It“ve won the Europa League, the Champions Cup and the Champions’ League.
2. The fans”re expecting a good performance from the players.
3. It”ll be interesting to see how the team will play against Cristiano’ Ronaldo’.
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Main squad news
The following players have already joined the team:
· De Jong.
· ‘
· Simeones.
These are the main squad news, because they’re the ones who will be the main stars of the club in the future.
Among the newcomers, you can see:
• Kepis.
• “
• Milinkiczes.
Each of them is a key player for the club, because he”d be able to decide the fate of the match.
At the moment, the main goal of the Portuguese team is to get to the next stage of the competition.
Thus, the upcoming games will be extremely interesting, because we”l see if the team really has the strength to win the next match.
It” s very important to have a good understanding with the opponents, because you can”t win if you don” t understand the game.
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Manchester United news
Despite a few problems, the Manchester team is still considered one of top teams in the world.
Thanks to the high level of the players” performance, the Red Devils have a great chance to win gold medals.
Now, the results are not so good, but the team still has a chance.
As for the future of the coach, Mourinho has already left the team and is looking for a new job. However, the situation is quite unstable, so it‚s not clear what the future holds for the Portuguese coach. However, it’s clear he’ ll have a tough time at the new job, because there are only a few months left.
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Results of the most interesting matches
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