New strip of Real Madrid

New strip of Real Madrid’s fixtures

Real Madrid are in the midst of a busy summer, but the team is in good shape. The team has strengthened its lineup with the acquisition of a number of players, which will allow the club to fight for the title.
The team will play against the main favorites of the season, such as Barcelona, Atletico and Atletico Madrid. The upcoming matches will be extremely interesting, because the team will have to play against a number opponents.
Real’s fixtures for the current season are as follows:
1. Match against Barcelona. The Catalans are the main rivals of the team, but Real will have a tough time. The main problem of the Blau Granas is the lack of motivation. The club is in a bad way, but it is still able to fight. The players are tired of losing, and they want to win.
2. Match with Atletico. The fight for gold medals is very tough, because Atletico is a strong team, which is able to impose a fight on the rivals. The Spanish club has a number players who are able to surprise the fans.
3. Match between Atletico, Atleti and Real. The game will be very intense, because all the teams have a good number of stars.
4. Match of the Champions League. The first round of the tournament will be held on August 11, and the main event of the group stage will be played on August 17.
5. Match in the Europa League. This tournament is very important for the team. The last time the team won it was in the season of 2002/2003.
6. Match at the International Champions Cup. The tournament is held every two years, and this time it will be interesting for the fans of the club.
7. Match on the international arena. This will be the most important match for the club, because it will decide the fate of the champion title. The match against Barcelona will be especially important for Real.
8. Match versus Barcelona. This match will be really interesting, as the Catalans have a number player who is able not only to score goals, but also to distribute them.
9. Match vs Atletico in the Champions Cup, which the team has a good chance of winning.
10. Match to be played against Real in the Spanish Cup.
All the matches of the current campaign are listed on the website of sports statistics. Here, you can always find the latest information on the results of the games of the main teams.

You can follow the results and the schedule of the matches in the Real Madrid fixtures section. The website of the sports statistics offers the results for matches of all kinds of teams, as well as the schedule and the results on the mobile version.
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Fixtures of the upcoming matches
The upcoming season of the Spanish championship is very interesting for fans of Real. This year, the club will be fighting against Barcelona, Barcelona will have the main rival, and Atletos will be a serious competitor.
In the current championship, Real is in the first position, and its main rivals are:
· Barcelona;
·2. Atletico;
3, Sevilla.
Barcelona is the main favorite of the championship, because of the fact that the team of Lionel Messi has a great number of goals scored, and has a very good team. Barcelona is a team that can impose a serious fight on its rivals.
Atletico is the second favorite of Real, because this year the team’ has a lot of stars, and will be able to distribute the attacks. In the upcoming season, the main goal of the Madrid team is to win the champion’ title. You can follow their results on this website of statistics.
There are a number matches that the club is going to play in the upcoming championship. The following fixtures are of particular interest to fans of La Liga:
• Match against Sevilla;
• Match against Valencia;
4, Match with Barcelona.
This season, Real Madrid has a tough task to win gold medals. The current season is very difficult for the Blanco Rojos, because they have a lot to do. The most important thing is to finish the season in the top 4.
It is important for them to win against the Catalonians, and to do it, they will have have to fight against Atletico or Atletico will have them fight against them. The fans of Madrid can always follow the team’s results on our website.
Latest results of La liga matches
In order to follow the latest results of matches of LaLiga, you need to visit the website. Here the results are updated in real time. You will find not only the results, but even the schedule.
Among the most interesting matches of this season, we can highlight the following:
* match with Valencia; this is a match that the fans will definitely not miss.
* Match with Sevilla, which has a high probability of success.

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