Not enough leaders at Chelsea

Not enough leaders at Chelsea to fight for the title

The start of the season at Stamford Bridge was not the most successful for Jose Mourinho’s team. The Portuguese coach’ s team was very far behind the leaders in the standings, and the gap between themselves and the leaders was quite large.
At the start of this season, the team’
s chances of winning the title looked quite good, but then the team was not able to show its maximum. The main problem of the team is the lack of motivation, which is one of the main reasons for the fact that the team has not been able to demonstrate its maximum for a long time.
The main rival of Chelsea in the fight for gold medals is Manchester City. The team of Jose Mourinho is very close to the leaders, but it is quite difficult to catch up with the leaders.

The team of Guardiola has a good chance to win the title, but they need to improve their results. The Champions League matches will be very important for the team, because they will have to decide whether to play in the group stage or not.
In the Premier League, the gap to the teams of the first and second places is quite small, so the team of Maurizio Sarri can not be considered as a real contender for the victory in the English championship.
Chelsea’ soccer results
The season of the English Premier League has come to an end, and Chelsea was the team that had the best result. The Chelsea soccer results were very good, and it is obvious that the club will not be able to repeat the previous year’ t performance, when it won the title.
Despite the fact the team managed to win only one trophy, it is clear that the players had a good season. The coach Sarri managed to get the team to the Champions League zone, but the team failed in the Europa League.
However, the main problem for the Chelsea soccer team is its lack of leaders. The club has several players who are not able at the beginning of the tournament to establish a good rhythm.
Many of them are not ready to be the main players, and they are not always able to make the most of their opportunities.
This is why the team lost points in matches against weaker teams, and this is one reason why it lost points.
It is clear, however, that the main goal of the club is to win gold medals, and Sarri needs to find the right players to achieve this goal.
Main rivals of Chelsea
The Chelsea soccer result is quite bad, but there is no doubt that Manchester City is the main rival for the club’
s gold medals. The City has a better squad, and many of its players are able to play at the highest level.
Manchester United is another team that can compete with the City, but this time the team will not have the same motivation as in the previous season.
There is a good reason for this: the team needs to win in the Premier league. The players of Mourinho‘s team are not very motivated, and so far they have not been in the best shape.
Moreover, the players of the United team are tired of losing points in the Champions league.
Unexpected results of Manchester United
The previous season of Manchester City was quite successful for the Red Devils. The season was not as successful as the previous one, but still the team won the Premier championship. The results of the previous campaign were not so successful for Manchester United, but now the team can be considered one of its main competitors.
One of the reasons for this is the fact there is a lack of stability in the team. Many players of Jose’ Mourinho”s team have already won the Champions trophy, and now they want to win another one.
Another reason for the lack stability is the transfer campaign of the Red devils. Many of the players have already been in Manchester United for a number of years, and their contracts are not yet over.
These factors can affect the results of a team, and there is still a long way until the end of the championship. Therefore, the Manchester United soccer result will be a real surprise for many people.
Live football scores
The live football scores are very important, because the results can change quickly. In the current season, many teams have not won the championship yet, and therefore it is not possible to make predictions about the results.
Of course, it can be said that the current campaign of Manchester united is not as good as the last one, and that is why many people are not so optimistic about the team’s future.
Jose Mourinho’s team has a very good chance of winning gold medals in the current championship, but many of the leaders are not in the right condition.
They have already lost points against weaker opponents, and if they do not manage to win points against the teams from the lower divisions, then they will not achieve their goals.
You can always follow the live football score on the reliable resource, because it is easy to find it.
Latest football news
The football season has come, and today is the day when the results will be announced. The latest news about football matches is available on the sports statistics website.
Today, the English football championship is dominated by the teams that have won the most trophies.

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