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The season is in full swing, and the main event is the Champions League final. The main intrigue is the fight for the title. The winner of the fight will be able to claim the coveted trophy for the next season.
Madrid is the main favorite of the season, but the Catalans have a long way to go. They have not won the Champions Cup for a long time, and they need to win the Cup again. The team is still in the middle of the standings, but it is clear that it is not ready to fight for gold medals.
The main intrigue of the Champions league is the duel between the favorites of the tournament, the teams of Real and Barcelona. The two teams have a very different style of playing. Real Madrid is a team of great performers, who are able to score a lot of goals. Barcelona is a more pragmatic team, who prefers to play with a certain margin of safety.
In the current season, the two teams will play against each other for the first time in the Championsleague. The first match will be decisive for the fate of the title, because it will determine who will be the main contender for the victory in the next year.

The match between Real Madrid and Barcelona will be held on the ​​semi-final stage of the Spanish championship. The teams have already met in the previous season, when the Catalons won 3:0. The next season, Real Madrid will play with Barcelona.
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Live football scores
The current season of the English Premier League is not going well for the main favorites of this tournament. Manchester City is in the lead, but Liverpool is also very strong. The Reds have a good lineup, which is able to achieve a lot.
However, the main rival of the Citizens is Tottenham Hotspur. The Spurs are a team that is able not only to score goals, but also to create a lot in the attack. The match between the teams is expected to be a decisive one, because the outcome of the match will determine the position of the teams in the standings.
At the moment, the Spurs are in the third position of this season’s standings. The Citizens are in second place, but they have a lot to improve. Liverpool is in third place, and Manchester City has a chance to climb up to the first position.
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Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool live score
The Spurs have a number of stars who can be called the main stars of the team. These are:
* Kane;
* Son;
* Son Heung-Min;
* Christian Eriksen;
In addition, the team has a number talented youngsters who can become stars in the future. The following players are the leaders of the Spurs:
1. Kane
2. Son
3. Erikson.
Liverpool has a good squad, which can be considered as one of the main contenders for the champion title. However, the Reds have some problems with the defense. The defense of the club is not very strong, and this is one of its main problems.
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Manchester City vs Chelsea live score
Another contender for victory in this season of English Premier league is Manchester City. The club has a very good lineup. The lineup of the Mancunians is very diverse, which makes it possible to achieve good results.
Chelsea, on the other hand, is a club that has not been able to win any trophy in the Premier league. The Blues have a great lineup, but this is not enough to win gold medals, which they have not managed to do for a number years.
There are several matches that will determine whether the Blues will be in the first or second position of standings. Now, the Makers are in a good position, but there are still a lot that they need.
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Fscore live score for Manchester City
The team of Josep Guardiola has a lot going for it. The squad of the Spaniard is a good mixture of young and experienced players. The young players are able not to lose points, which helps them to achieve the desired result.
On the other side, the club has many experienced players, who have played for several championships. This allows the M.C. to play without a doubt. The current season is not a good one for the club, because there are no victories in the league.
This is one more reason for the Mambetes to be in a difficult situation.

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