New strip of FC Barcelona – New star David Villa!

The season of the Spanish La Liga has come to an end, and the end of the championship was marked by a lot of confrontations. The final match of the season was the confrontation between Barcelona and Atletico. The team of Diego Simeone led by Lionel Messi and the Catalan team were the main contenders for the title.
The first matches of the new season were quite successful for the Catalans. The main stars of the team, Messi and Busquets, were already in the best form. The season ended with a victory of the Catalons in the Champions League.
Barcelona was the main contender for the champion title, but Atletico was also very strong. The Catalans managed to win the Champions league, but they lost the title to Real Madrid.

The new season of La Liga promises to be a real roller coaster. Fans will be able to watch the matches in full on the sports statistics website The website provides all the information about the games of the top football leagues from around the world.
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La liga table – the main favorites
The last season of Spanish football was quite successful. The teams from the top leagues of the Old Continent were able to fight for the coveted title. The fight for gold medals was especially intense in the La Liga table.
In the summer, Barcelona won the champion’s title, which was quite unexpected for many fans. The club had been in the middle of the standings for several rounds, but managed to finish in the first place.
This is the third time that the Catalonians have won the title, and they have won it for the second time in the last three seasons. The previous time they won the championship, it was in the previous season.
Despite the fact that the club had a good start, the season ended in the championship of Spain. The fans of the club were quite happy with the results of the first matches. Messi and Suarez scored a lot, and it seemed that the team would be able not to lose.
However, the team was not able to finish the championship in the top four. The failure of the Barcelona team was the result of the following reasons:
1. Lack of motivation. The players were not in the mood to fight against Real Madrid and Barcelona.
2. Lackadaisical performance of the leaders.
3. Injuries.
4. Lacklustre transfers.
5. Poor teamwork.
6. Inadequate coaching.
7. Unsuccessful transfers. The list of the main reasons is quite long.
It is obvious that the new year will bring new challenges for the club. However, the fans of Barcelona can be quite confident that the season will end with the victory of their team.
New season of Bundesliga – the top teamsโ€™ struggle for gold
The German Bundesliga is one of the most interesting championships in the world, which is why it is so popular among fans. This season, the Bundesliga is very interesting not only for fans of German football, but also for fans from other parts of the world who want to watch a lot more interesting matches.
There is no doubt that this season will be remembered by the fans for a long time. The Bundesliga is famous for its intense and furious struggle for the gold medals. The top teams are always ready to fight until the last match.
Fans can follow the Bundesliga live score on the 777score website. The site provides all kinds of information about Bundesliga matches. You can find out information about all the matches of this season. The live score of Bundesliga is available 24/7.
Teamsโ€™ performance in the domestic and international arenas
The Bundesliga is a competition for the best teams. The German championship is divided into two parts: the domestic championship and the international tournament.
During the domestic tournament, the teams play against each other, which allows them to prepare for the international championship. The international tournament is the main event of the German championship. It is important for the teams to play against the best players from all over the world in order to be able win the gold medal.
At the end, the German football championship will be known for a lot. This is especially true for the Bundesliga, which will be considered the main championship of Germany for a very long time, because it is famous not only in Germany, but all over Europe.
Football fans from all parts of Germany and the world can follow Bundesliga live scores on the site of sports information. The data is updated on a regular basis, which lets you always keep abreast of the latest news from the world of your favorite game.
Live football scores of the English Premier League
The English Premier league is one the most popular championships in Europe. The championship is held every season, and this year it is once again very interesting.
One of the best clubs in the Premier league, Manchester City, is in the lead of the title for the third consecutive season. However the team of Josep Guardiola has not been able to win gold medals for a number of years.
City is the second most successful team, but it is not in a position to win any trophy.

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